COVID-19 Procedures Update

17 February 2021

Fitted face coverings (masks)

As a response to the further easing of some mandatory requirements to wear masks, the Commission has adopted the following policy:

You are not required to wear a mask when attending Commission or the registry. The Commission continues to recommend the use of masks. The Commission has no objection to a person wearing a mask in the hearing rooms, if they wish to do so, subject to any order or direction from the presiding Commissioner.

Physical distancing – courtrooms and meeting rooms

Signs on the entry to each hearing room and meeting room note the number of people permitted in each hearing room. This complies with the prevailing public health order concerning gatherings and movement and allows for 1.5m spacing between individuals.

QR codes

There is a QR code at the entrance to the Commission’s premises. The code is prominently displayed as a person enters the Commission and other locations on the floor. All members of the public and all legal practitioners and other representatives are required to ‘check-in’.

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