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Code Title
1922 Aboriginal Health Workers' (State) Award 2022
1577 Ambulance Service of New South Wales Administrative and Clerical Employees (State) Award 2022
1886 Ambulance Service of New South Wales - Sydney Ambulance Centre (Employee Car Parking) Award


Code Title
1865 Broken Hill City Council Consent Award 2022
1935 Broken Hill Health Employees' (State) Award


Code Title
919 City of Ryde (Christmas Leave) Award
135 Clerical and Administrative Employees (State) Award
139 Clothing Trades (State) Award
187 Crown Employees (Administrative and Clerical Officers - Salaries) Award
1784 Crown Employees (Audit Office) Award 2022
1131 Crown Employees (Australian Music Examinations Board (NSW) Examiners, Assessors and Chief Examiners) Award 2020
267 Crown Employees (Chief Education Officers - Department of Education) Salaries and Conditions Award 2021
1511 Crown Employees Conservation Field Staff Officers, (Department of Industry, Skills, and Regional Development and NSW Office of Environment and Heritage) Reviewed Award 2022
1765 Crown Employees (Correctional Officers, Corrective Services NSW) Award for Kempsey, Dillwynia, Wellington and John Morony Correctional Centres
249 Crown Employees (Correctional Officers, Department of Communities and Justice - Corrective Services NSW) Award
1805 Crown Employees (Custodial Executive Rank Officer - Department of Communities and Justice- Corrective Services NSW) Award
1798 Crown Employees (Departmental Officers) Award
498 Crown Employees (Department of Customer Service - SafeWork NSW Inspectors 2007) Reviewed Award
207 Crown Employees (Department of Finance, Services and Innovation) Award 2015
109 Crown Employees (Department of Industry) Local Coordinator Allowance Award
055 Crown Employees (Department of Industry) Regulatory Officers Award
1357 Crown Employees (Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development) Domestic Services Officers Award
1158 Crown Employees (Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development) Fisheries Employees Award
262 Crown Employees (Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development) Geoscientists Award
1309 Crown Employees (Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development) Mine Safety and Environment Officers Award
1602 Crown Employees (Department of Industry) Technical Staff Award
1279 Crown Employees (Department of Planning and Environment) Wages Staff Award 2021
1555 Crown Employees (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) Aboriginal Housing Award 2016
1179 Crown Employees (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and the Environment Protection Authority) Environment Award 2021
1235 Crown Employees (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - National Parks and Wildlife Service Conditions of Employment Reviewed Award 2021
1120 Crown Employees (Department of Planning Industry and Environment - National Parks and Wildlife Service) Field Officers and Skilled Trades Salaries and Conditions 2022
868 Crown Employees (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - Place Management NSW Casual Staff) Award 2019
1148 Crown Employees (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) Sydney Olympic Park Authority Managed Sports Venues Award 2022
1647 Crown Employees (Department of Regional NSW) Food Safety Officers Award
1327 Crown Employees (Department of Regional NSW) Operational Staff Award
1257 Crown Employees (Department of Regional NSW) Professional Officers Award
901 Crown Employees (Education Employees Department of Communities and Justice Corrective Services NSW) Award 2022
1710 Crown Employees (Fire and Rescue NSW Firefighting Staff Death and Disability) Award 2022
316 Crown Employees (Fire and Rescue NSW Permanent Firefighting Staff) Award 2022
700 Crown Employees (Fire and Rescue NSW Retained Firefighting Staff) Award 2022
315 Crown Employees (Fire & Rescue NSW Tradespersons) Award 2022
736 Crown Employees (General Assistants in Schools - Department of Education) Award
1721 Crown Employees (General Staff - Salaries) Award 2007
045 Crown Employees (Household Staff - Department of Education) Wages and Conditions Award 2022
228 Crown Employees (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal) Award 2022
222 Crown Employees (Interpreters and Translators, Multicultural NSW) Award
1405 Crown Employees (Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust) Salaries Award 2020
1926 Crown Employees (Law Enforcement Conduct Commission) Award 2018
232 Crown Employees-Legal Officers (Crown Solicitor's Office, Legal Aid Commission Staff Agency, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Parliamentary Counsel’s Office) Reviewed Award
1623 Crown Employees (Librarians, Library Assistants, Library Technicians and Archivists) Award
1337 Crown Employees (Lord Howe Island Board Salaries and Conditions 2021) Award
1658 Crown Employees (Major and Community Events Reassignment) Award
1813 Crown Employees (Medical Officers) Award 2022
1939 Crown Employees (Ministerial Drivers) Award 2023
1913 Crown Employees (National Art School Transfer Payment) Award
1297 Crown Employees (New South Wales Education Standards Authority - Education Officers) Salaries and Conditions Award 2020
1007 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Communities and Justice - Community Services Division) After Hours Service Award 2019
1653 Crown Employees (NSW (Department of Communities and Justice Youth Justice) - 38 Hour Week Operational Staff 2019) Reviewed Award
1773 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation - Graphic Service Operators) Award
239 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet) Exhibition Project Managers and Project Officers) Australian Museum Award
997 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet) Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences - Casual Guide Lecturers Award
1611 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet) - Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Electrical Preparators Award 2022
110 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet) State Library Security Staff Award
1872 Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees) Award 2009
1142 Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Communications Officers) Award
1389 Crown Employees (NSW Police Force (Nurses')) Award 2022
1307 Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Police Band) Award 2018
1305 Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Special Constables) (Security) Award 2018
706 Crown Employees Nurses' (State) Award 2022
1298 Crown Employees (Office of Environment and Heritage - Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Building and Mechanical Trades Employees) Award 2022
1296 Crown Employees (Office of Sport - Catering Officers) Award
1635 Crown Employees (Office of Sport - Centre Managers) Award
1760 Crown Employees (Office of Sport - Program Officers) Award
1667 Crown Employees (Office of Sport - Services Officers) Award
737 Crown Employees (Parks and Gardens - Horticulture and Rangers Staff) Award 2016
092 Crown Employees (Parliament House Conditions of Employment) Award 2015
108 Crown Employees (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Music Therapists) Award
892 Crown Employees (Planning Officers) Award 2021
061 Crown Employees (Police Officers - 2021) Award
1876 Crown Employees (Psychologists) Award
385 Crown Employees (Public Sector - Salaries 2022) Award
1310 Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009
694 Crown Employees (Public Service Training Wage) Reviewed Award 2008
193 Crown Employees (Research Scientists) Award 2007
1588 Crown Employees (Rural Fire Service) Award
1901 Crown Employees (SAS Trustee Corporation) Award 2021
1323 Crown Employees (School Administrative and Support Staff) Award 2022
1938 Crown Employees (School Psychologists - Department of Education) Salaries Award 2022
013 Crown Employees (Security and General Services) Award 2022
1219 Crown Employees (Senior Assistant Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents, Department of Communities and Justice - Corrective Services NSW) Award
1587 Crown Employees (Sheriff's Officers) Award
256 Crown Employees (Skilled Trades) Award 2022
1684 Crown Employees Sound Reporters Award
1873 Crown Employees (State Emergency Service) State Operations Centre - Continuous Shift Workers Award 2021
094 Crown Employees (State Emergency Service) Zone Staff Award 2021
1625 Crown Employees Sydney Living Museums (Gardens - Horticulture and Trades Employees) Award 2016
264 Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2022
269 Crown Employees (Tipstaves to Justices) Award
275 Crown Employees (Trades Assistants) Award 2019
835 Crown Employees (Transferred Employees Compensation) Award
745 Crown Employees (Transport Drivers, &c.) Award 2022
4236 Crown Employees Wages Staff (Rates of Pay) Award 2022


Code Title
1361 Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Live Theatre and Concert (State) Award


Code Title
1565 Farm Assistants (Department of Education) Wages and Conditions Award 2022


Code Title
1505 Goldenfields Water County Council Enterprise Award 2020


Code Title
1622 Health and Community Employees Psychologists (State) Award 2022
721 Health Employees' Administrative Staff (State) Award 2022
777 Health Employees' Computer Staff (State) Award 2022
722 Health Employees' Conditions of Employment (State) Award 2022
1422 Health Employees' Dental Officers (State) Award 2022
1421 Health Employees Dental Prosthetists and Dental Technicians (State) Award 2022
381 Health Employees' Engineers (State) Award 2022
051 Health Employees' General Administrative Staff (State) Award 2022
096 Health Employees' Interpreters' (State) Award 2022
1283 Health Employees' Medical Radiation Scientists (State) Award 2022
106 Health Employees' Oral Health Therapists (State) Award 2022
723 Health Employees' Pharmacists (State) Award 2022
380 Health Employees' (State) Award 2022
379 Health Employees' Technical (State) Award 2022
950 Health, Fitness and Indoor Sports Centres (State) Award
1503 Health Industry Status of Employment (State) Award 2022
1289 Health Managers (State) Award 2022
770 Health Professional and Medical Salaries (State) Award 2022
1930 HealthShare NSW Patient Transport Officers' (State) Award 2022
1107 Higher School Certificate Marking and Related Casual Employees Rates of Pay and Conditions Award 2021
590 Hospital Scientists (State) Award 2022


Code Title
1420 Independent Commission Against Corruption Award 2022
1928 Insurance and Care NSW Award 2022


Code Title
1893 Landcom Award 2022
1925 Local Government, Aged, Disability and Home Care (State) Award
1933 Local Government (COVID-19) Splinter (Interim) Award 2022
494 Local Government (Electricians) (State) Award
308 Local Government (State) Award 2023
1915 Local Land Services Award 2022


Code Title
482 Miscellaneous Workers' - Kindergartens and Child Care Centres, &c. (State) Award


Code Title
1885 NSW Ambulance Death and Income Protection Benefits (State) Reviewed Award 2022
1932 NSW Health Service Allied Health Assistants (State) Award 2022
1884 NSW Health Service Health Professionals (State) Award 2022
018 Nurses' (Department of Communities and Justice - Ageing, Disability and Home Care) (State) Award 2019
1934 Nurses' (Local Government) Residential Aged Care Consolidated (State) Award 2021


Code Title
009 Operational Ambulance Managers (State) Award 2022


Code Title
008 Paramedics and Control Centre Officers (State) Award 2022
1129 Parliamentary Reporting Staff (Salaries) Award
782 Public Health Service Employees Skilled Trades (State) Award 2022
558 Public Health System Nurses' and Midwives' (State) Award 2022
318 Public Hospital Career Medical Officers (State) Award 2022
564 Public Hospital Medical Officers (State) Award 2022
1889 Public Hospital Medical Physicists (State) Award 2022
566 Public Hospital Professional Engineers' (Bio-Medical Engineers) (State) Award 2022
1321 Public Hospital Residential Services Assistants (State) Award 2018
595 Public Hospitals Dental Assistants (State) Award 2022
772 Public Hospitals Library Staff (State) Award 2022
557 Public Hospitals Medical Record Librarians (State) Award 2022
563 Public Hospitals (Medical Superintendents) Award 2022
532 Public Hospitals (Professional and Associated Staff) Conditions of Employment (State) Award 2022
1201 Public Hospital (Training Wage) (State) Award 2022


Code Title
1904 Riverina Water County Council Enterprise Award 2022
1920 Roads and Maritime Services Consolidated Salaried Award 2019
1822 Roads and Maritime Services School Crossing Supervisors Award 2019
1579 Roads and Maritime Services (Traffic Signals Staff) Award 2019
1559 Roads and Maritime Services (Wages Staff) Award 2019


Code Title
218 Security Industry (State) Award
1919 Service NSW (Salaries and Conditions) Employees Award 2022
731 South Sydney City Council Salaried Officers Award 2017
827 South Sydney City Council Wages Staff Award 2017
470 Staff Specialists (State) Award 2022
1900 State Transit Authority Bus Engineering and Maintenance Enterprise (State) Award 2020
1881 State Transit Authority Bus Operations Enterprise (State) Award 2021
1895 State Transit Authority Senior and Salaried Officers’ Enterprise (State) Award 2021


Code Title
1931 Taronga Conservation Society Australia Retail and Restaurant Employees' Award 2022 - 2023
748 Taronga Conservation Society Australia Salaried Employees Award
1869 Taronga Conservation Society Australia Wages Employees' Award 2022
1912 Teachers' (NSW Health Early Childhood Service Centres) Salaries and Miscellaneous Conditions Award 2022
175 The City of Sydney Wages/Salary Award 2017
1909 Transport for New South Wales and Sydney Metro Salaries and Conditions of Employment Award 2022
677 Transport Industry (State) Award
1902 Transport NSW (Transport Agencies Conditions of Employment) Award


Code Title
1924 Venues NSW Award 2023
644 Venues NSW (Ground Staff) Enterprise Award 2022
1896 Venues NSW (SCG & SFS Event Day Employees) Award 2022
1339 Venues NSW Security Enterprise Award 2022


Code Title
1728 WIN Sports and Entertainment Centres Australian Workers' Union (State) Award 2022

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14 Sep 2023

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